Friday, July 24, 2009

Here are some photos of my hand dyed fabric drying on the line and neatly folded, i have prpared them for a special this space. Also we had a workshop today with Romi. Making jackets . It was great, especially as i got to take part. The rest of the pics are from today.

Towards the end of our workshop today, Oliver my eldest son arrived ready for his Debs night with his friends, I think you will agree how fab they look.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another week.

Its the end of another week besides driving 500 miles just on lifts for my children in 5 days, we have as usual had a busy week.

Wednesday was the Ciar quilters meeting in Tralee, we had a look at each others work and lovely tea and crusty bread sandwiches....thanks Sheila. Breada was busy on her machine ,while some of us did some hand stitching.

Thurday we had our sit and sew, lots of poeple away but there was still a handfull of us. Friday was a P.I.T day( projects in turmoil. ) Jillian finished a quilt and Sharon finished a border that she had a mental block about.

Today Sunday, Jan and I went to Dingle to the agri show. We had a craft table, it was a great day and while we did not become rich with our sales , we met lots of people while we tried to resist chips and ice cream boats....mmmm. The picture isof Jan stitching her hexagons.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Today we had a thread painting workshop, we had a great day and everyone finished at least one beautiful piece of work .
Pictured here are margerets lovely tin of threads and her finished piece.
Everyone working away , concentrating on their work.

Above: Marie reviewing her work

Monday, July 6, 2009

busy busy busy....thursday sit and sew, hexagons, ragedy edge, foundation piecing and a celtic quilt were projects being worked on..great variety. Friday P.I.T day-projects in turmoil. Jillian made two quilts from one and Rita got her quilt layered up. Jan and I finally got the kit finished. Simply Celtic ....i gonna try put up a picture of it soooonnn. looking good. Sat i went swimming and nothing else as was toooo tired. Sunday i bought two patchwork magazines. I started a new bag and hand sttched two cards..... Monday - today consisted of paperwork and dealing with teanagers..... tomorow...mmmm playing with eoin and oisin and i might sneek a bit of sewing, for a change. byeeee

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


i still havnt worked out how to acsess the blog page ...if you are not me
I had a meeting at our patchwork group today the Ciar quilters, we meet in tralee twice a month.
i managed to finish the binding on two quilts. Rita had forgotton her sewing so she finished my ragedy edge, while I finished the celtic quilt.
Jan is still hexagon mad, Breada sewing strips for a hand project tto carry on holiday, Sheila and Mary were tacking a quilt and Eily was hand quilting.
By the time I had gathered and collected the boys, shopped, cooked, cleaned , taxied, bathed babies, my good intentions of sewing went out of the window... mmmmm do you know that feeling. well tomorow is another day..godnight,