Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Glengarriff Retreat 

March 2017

Not long now until the retreat and I know everyone is looking forward to it. 
For the weekend you will have me and Penny to guide you along the way.  

Nikki Foley 

Penny Barnes 

We arrive on Friday the 3rd of March from 3 pm onwards and we leave on Sunday 5th March in the afternoon. Breakfast and Dinner will be in the Hotel. Times of meals will be advised on arrival. 

General Requirements. 
Sewing machine. 
Sewing Kit , scissors , pins etc....
Extension leads 

There will be a choice of two quilts
Penny will be doing Mulberry Lodge 
66 x 66 

Requirement List For Mulberry Lodge as follows.

2 & 3/4 yards purple patterned 
1 & 1/4 yards dark purple 
1/4 yard of Gold 
1 & 3/4 yards of white 

Nikki will be doing Twisted Roses 
Pictured are  two different layout variations using the same blocks. See below for requirements 
 Approx 65 x 65 

Approx size for this one is 45 x 45 

 Requirement List For Twisted Roses as follows. 
Requirements for both quilts are the same unless stated.

2 yards of roses or medium sized pattern
1 & 1/4 yard of sashing
2 yards of black for the top quilt and only 1 yard of black for the bottom quilt.
The binding for these quilts can be made from left over fabrics when you have finished.

You can choose which quilt you would like to do, or you can do both if you want- yes some people are going for it.
Please let me know in advance so we have enough instructions.

The final payment can be made to me by the 20th Feb.

Text me if you require info 0879924002.

Looking forward to seeing you all for a weekend of sewing and a few laughs.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dying Fabric

Requirements for dying fabric for this weeks journey class. 

For both types of dying you will need white cotton. The more you have the more you can dye. 


You will need. 

Spray bottle
White vinegar
Trays- Ask your butcher for the black chicken trays they are perfect
Rusty objects

For the FABRIC DYING....- there is some preparation before you come. 

Cut your fabric into fat quarters or approx 20 x 20 inch pieces. 
Put warm water into a bucket and soak the fabric preferably overnight in washing soda. One good cup of washing soda to half a bucket of warm water is a good ratio. Agitate the fabric and then just leave it. Wring it out as much as possible to bring to the class. If anyone cant manage this let me know and I will do it for you but let me know by wed morning please. 

You will need

Strong plastic bags- they have some good ones in lidl they are large sandwich bags on a roll, but they are thick which is important. 
A bucket for carrying home the bags

If you want you can bring a few pegs, bands string and other things to play with to make pattern with the fabric and dye,

Dont forget Gloves, apron and maybe a black bag to put underneath the vessels you will be carrying home in the car. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Journey class

This months Journey class we will be using liquid inks on fabrics. we will be doing a bit of experimenting so you will need the following.

White fabric , but also calico or osnaburg. it will be good to try a few different fabrics.
Four fat quarters in total. also bring a couple of mop cloths to clean up any excess ink.
paint brushes- one wide end paintbrush
Couple of yogurt pots or similar, if everyone brings 2-3 we will have enough.
Couple of hairdryers between us would be useful

In the afternoon you will need your sewing machine, ruler board cutter etc....bring all your feet in case you get on to the finishing stage and threads to suit your project theme.

See you thursday .


Friday, March 4, 2016

Requirements for Spring retreat 2016

Lone star
Pictured here is one star. If you want to make one star this would be the perfect size for a lap quilt or wall hanging. The requirements for this are as follows.

40 inches of background- black
27 inches of feature fabric-border and also in star
4 long quarters in colours to match the feature fabric. 
18 inches for binding.
Wadding and backing to fit. 

If you want to make a double bed quilt, this will comprise of four stars in the centre with the feature fabric border then another border outside that.
the requirements are as follows. 

Fabric 1- 10 inches
Fabric 2- 20 inches
Fabric 3- feature fabric 1 and 3/4 yards 
Fabric 4-20 inches
Fabric 5 - 10 inches 
Fabric 1,2,4 and 5 should be coordinating with the feature fabric.
Background fabric - 3 yards

Please bring all sewing equipment needed for the weekend. 

We are planning on arriving from Lunch time onwards on Thursday ....afternoon tea will be served at 3.30pm. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Journey class

Requirement list for Thursday 18th of Feb

For this class you will need a sewing machine, you are welcome to use the machines at the Shed if you dont want to bring your own.A flat foot. Regular sewing kit

You will need-

A foundation fabric. measuring approx 9  x 15 inches or there about.
Strips and long thin scraps of fabrics....if you have sari silk strands these are perfect. Any fabric, but think about colours to do with your theme.
Ribbons, string, twine, wool or anything that may work for embellishing.
Threads- machine decorative,  all types but again make sure they are relevant to your theme.
you will also need your osnaburg or calico that you are using for your pages,

Also bring your journal and art equipment as last month.
Some card if you have it for example a4 sheets of say postcard thickness that you can write on.

If anyone has a hole punch please bring also.

See you Thursday for Creative Fun.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Journey ...Starting January 21st 2016

Let me take you on your very own creative Journey. The class starts on Thursday. The requirement list is very vague, as everyone's Journey will be very different.

The most important thing is to have your topic picked....don't choose anything too large. My own topic is TIME, but others are, apples, the sea, Nature. Other ideas to help you along your way are Trees, the beach, maps...just think of something you love and go with it. Bring some pictures or magazine cuttings or print outs off the internet relative to your subject. Don't bring anything too precious as we will be using these in the class.

You will also need some calico.

Below is a list of what you CAN bring if you have it....if you don't have it please do not rush out and buy anything as you will have a better idea of what your going to need depending on your topic. Also I can tell you where to go to get the best deals.

Black sharpie markers
sketch book,
note book
paint brushes any kind, bring a selection if you have them.
watercolour pencils
any kind of markers, pens, pencils etc...

Needles, embroidery thread or any creative threads that are suitable for hand sewing.
if anyone has sweet wrappers left over from know the type you get in the boxes, quality street are the best. not panic that you have no idea what is going on, I will be starting at the very beginning and  we will be working through things step by step. Remember only bring what you have on the list, if you don't have it you can use mine

Just in case anyone is near LIDL in the next day or so they have some very nice and reasonably priced things in there that you will need. so if you can get in get the following.

A5 NOTE BOOK- it says on the front Chamois coloured blank paper bound in hard cover. They have coloured covers on them .



See you thursday at 10 am. The class is on until 2 o'clock ish.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Approx size 48 x 48 
Christmas lap quilt 
Requirement list 

1 yard of background cream 
1/2 yard of red
1/2 yard of green
1/2 yard of border of your choice. 

Binding, wadding and backing to suit.