Thursday, October 10, 2013


See you all tomorrow. For those of you who are unsure who you are rooming with please text me to ask.
It's a good idea to bring your board ( small one if you have it ) cutter and ruler. 

Mini satchel bag

New pattern alert. 
Make this cute little bag in kenmare. 
Requirement list
3 fat quarters 

Monday, October 7, 2013

link to map of hotel

this is the link to the hotel on google maps

Let me know if anyone is unsure.

I have a little bag pattern for everyone so bring 3 coordinating fat quarters if anyone fancies making it.
Also I will bring a few pattern books on small things to make so bring extra fabrics if you want to take part in that also.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kenmare photo 3

Kenmare photo 2

Photos kenmare 1


Sorry the picture isn't that great but this is the Xmas project. 
It's a card holder and it will hold plenty of Xmas cards. 24 x 40
Here is  the requirement list for this project. 
7 Xmas fat quarters - two if them should be light 
10 inches of binding
Thread for sewing and quilting 
Wadding and backing 
8 wooden pegs. 
Gold craft paint ( you could share if you can contact others going ) 
Paint brush and newspaper. 
Sewing machine. Extension lead and a couple of irons. Again you could organise to share. Make sure you bring a cloth to iron on
Sewing kit 
I will also have another project for you to start if any of you finish this. Ill post the picture for that tomorrow with requirement list. 
I have fat quarter bundles if anyone would like one please let me know. 

Planning to arrive at Brooklane hotel on Friday around 2 pm. 
I will be posting directions and any further news during the week. There will be more info so please check back regularly. 

It's all exciting, and everyone is looking forward to our break. 
Don't forget in the excitement to pack your pjs. 

Bring other sewing with you if you want.
We may be working on Henry bear quilts too but more info on that soon. 
Nikki :)