Monday, June 24, 2013

Head start for week 2

I am guessing your whole week was taken up with sewing the flowers and finishing your centre block. 
Well for those of you who want a head start for week 2 here is what you can do. 
Log cabin - 
From each colour group you need 15 strips measuring one and half inches across the width of the fabric from each colour group. 
If you are using two colours that will be 15 strips from each colour. If you are using a collection of colours then it will be 15 in total from EACH group. This is based on fabric full width. You will need to double the quantity if you are using fat quarters. 
This will give you a head start for the next set of instructions. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 1. Loving log cabin

To help with place ment of your pieces you could number each piece and trace the pattern through the paper to give you the image the correct way around. 
This is a quarter inch bias tape maker for making the stems. 
Make the tape and sew on first with the vase before you add the flower and petal appliqué
Get sewing around all those appliqué pieces for next week. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lovin log cabin

 Welcome to the 4 week class 'lovin log cabin'
this is a lap size quilt and could be made from a collection of fat quarters or purpose built fabrics. You could go country, funky, soft, bright, in fact this quilt would work in nearly any combination.

the requirements are as follows.

white or cream or chosen colour: 30 inches
pink 1 yard
gold 1 yard
purple 1/2 yard
sea green 1/2 yard
1 yard of fusible webbing
binding approx half yard.

if you are using fat quarters then colour group.
i.e 4 fat quarters of different pinks ( or whatever colours you choose and so on.

It comes together.

Here are some pictures to guide you along the way.  Sashing and borders can make or break a quilt. It's always a good idea to "audition" the fabrics 
Lay out your blocks and fabric and what you would like to use or the sashing. Arrange in final placement. Walk away for 5 minutes, when you go back to it you will know if its the right fabric :)