Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raspberry and Lime...requirments list for E CLASS

E class.
This is the quilt for the e class. There is an optional border which I will include a separate requirements list you can see its not done on the sample yet  :) This is just to give you an idea so you can start collecting your fabrics whether its a scrap quilt you want to do or maybe you fancy a trip to your local quilt shop......
The hearts are appliqued on, so if you want to change to a different applique shape then that is no problem.


Requirement list for shiny new fabrics: size approx without border 64x64 inches

-8 fat quarters} 6 medium/dark and 2 light fabrics
background fabric 2 1/2 yards of light fabric - don't always go for white or cream, experiment with other light shades. this quilt is made with a light lime green background.
Sashing ( also used in blocks ) 1 3/4 yards 

optional border ( coming soon)
1 yard of light ( probably best to use the background fabric)
1  yard of medium darks ( or a collection of fabrics equaling this amount )

Binding- 20 inches

Requirement list for a scrappy quilt 

9 fat quarters} 6 medium/dark and  3 light fabrics or a load of pieces totaling this amount
EIGHTEEN  10 inch squares from a collection of light fabrics.
1 3/4 yards of sashing - even if you are doing a scrappy quilt its a good idea to tie the whole quilt together with 1 fabric

optional border ( coming soon)
1 yard of light ( or a collection of fabrics equaling this amount )
1  yard of medium darks ( or a collection of fabrics equaling this amount )

Binding 20 inches

Monday, March 11, 2013

10 WEEK e-class with Nikki Foley & The Sewing Shed

  • Start date : Friday 12th April first instructions to arrive Thursday 11th in the evening 
  • 10 week class
You will receive the instructions by email every Thursday evening . 
This blog will also be updated at the same time with pictures and information to support you through the instructions. 
You may email for support at any time if you have a question or problem. 

The quilt is aimed at all levels but will be suitable for beginners . This Thursday evening( 14th)  the picture and requirement list will be posted on here. there will be two requirement lists. 

  • a new purchase requirement list 
  • a stash buster requirement list for those with a collection you need to use up. 
The price for this is 40 euro. you can pay by card or pay pal. Please email me to confirm how you would like to pay