Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Journey class

Requirement list for Thursday 18th of Feb

For this class you will need a sewing machine, you are welcome to use the machines at the Shed if you dont want to bring your own.A flat foot. Regular sewing kit

You will need-

A foundation fabric. measuring approx 9  x 15 inches or there about.
Strips and long thin scraps of fabrics....if you have sari silk strands these are perfect. Any fabric, but think about colours to do with your theme.
Ribbons, string, twine, wool or anything that may work for embellishing.
Threads- machine decorative,  all types but again make sure they are relevant to your theme.
you will also need your osnaburg or calico that you are using for your pages,

Also bring your journal and art equipment as last month.
Some card if you have it for example a4 sheets of say postcard thickness that you can write on.

If anyone has a hole punch please bring also.

See you Thursday for Creative Fun.