Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 3.

The tricky bit this week is making it all fit. 
If your measurements are all correct it will work. If they are slightly off then it can make things tricky. 
Tip 1 make the triangle corners and borders from the log cabin before you fix any of it together. This will give you a good indication of placement. 
If some of the blocks are off a bit then that didn't matter , just make sure all corners and borders on each side look the same.
So far in the two classes we have running everyone's have all fine together smoothly so I have every confidence yours will be ok too 
I have no idea how this photo turned upside down but it gives you an idea of construction. 
Here the sections have been made first before attaching the pieces on to the centre. 
Good luck 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Two important things when making the log cabin blocks - chain piecing when sewing by machine saves thread and time. The other is to ensure you keep the blocks square and stitch to the correct seam allowance. 

It will be tricky putting this quilt together and even more so if your blocks don't fit.