Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friday the 14 th of August we had a log cabin workshop. it was a great day. Some attepted all the variations on log cabin, such as hexagon , diamond, triangle, folded, off side. Others just stuck to one variation. There was an array of different colour schemes and ideas. Martina made a lovely bag with a couple of samples that she completed.
It has been a hectic week, with trying to get everything ready for THE CELTIC ZODIAC, which is to appear as a series in Irish Quilting Magazine. The first one comes out in November. There will be a wallhanging for each zodiac sign and the option to make a block for each sign to make into a quilt. Its all working out well so far, so you can all look forward to that starting in the 1st aniversary edition of Irish Quilting.
No pics this time, there is a problem with uploading them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday we had the opportunity to be filmed by R.T.E. It is for a programme called nationwide, which is on three times a week. it was an interesting day, have a look at some of the pictures. Sarah and Jillian in our mock class. Asking Romi questions. Me in front of the camera. Marie and Martin.