Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 3 corner block.

I'm adding photos of this weeks block step by step , I know you have diagrams in the notes but sometimes it helps to see real life photos

The tips you need to know for this week are.
• in the first stage - when adding the triangles, the edge of the triangle that is to be sewn to the edge of the square will be slightly longer . Just match up the right angles and the 1/4 inch takes in the extra bit of the triangle.
•when measuring the squares if they need trimming , take a little slither off each side to make them 4 1/2 inches sq.
•if you are making your quilt from scraps then you can use more colours than on the instructions. If you are unsure of what piece goes where then cut and make your block from paper. ( just be aware that cutting paper with your rotary cutter can dull the blade ) this is also handy if you are short of fabric . For example. If you want to use up a long thin strip of fabric, then cut the pieces out of paper and use the triangle paper piece to cut from the smaller pieces of fabric -( if you are doing this keep your eye on the weave of the fabric, it needs to be running parallel with either side of the right angle. )

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your blocks.

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