Friday, September 11, 2015

The Sewing Shed Teddy Bear

Here are some photos and extra guideline for making The Sewing Shed Teddy Bear Pattern 

Cut all the pieces, and sew  together as in the pattern. 

The tricky bit is putting the teddy bear parts together. 

Pictured here is the back of the teddy , with the two back pieces sewn together, Cut out the pleat that is shown on the pattern and sew the cut edges together to make the teddy bears bottom.

Sewing the sole into the leg. Keep the sewn leg inside out and pin the sole of the foot into the leg as pictured below, sew around the edge of the sole to attach it to the leg. 

Remove the pins and turn the right way around. 

 Un pick the seam to leave a gap for stuffing of the legs when they are in place. If you unpick the seam after it has been sewn, it will be easier to close the seam after the legs are stuffed.
 Place the legs with the toes facing in and pointing upwards onto the front panel of the teddy bear. the curve is the neck where as the straighter edge is where the legs are joined to the body.
Pin the legs in place

Match the centre seam of the back with the centre seam of the front, place the front and back together, with the legs sandwiched in-between the two pieces. Pin across the bottom edge so the pleat meats the corner of the front. Continue pinning the front and back side together. Sew 
This is the front and back pieces sewn together, the legs are still inside. 

Next you need to sew the head together, use the pictures below to identify and sew the V shaped piece to make the front of the head. 
The short curve of the two front pieces is the neck of the bear. Start by pining the point so it meets the seam of the front of the head panel. 

Start at the centre and pin along to one side and then the other, then sew and remove the pins. 

Make the ears next and turn the right way 

 Pin the ears in place in the correct position, make sure they are face to face with the front of the head.
 Place the back of the head over the front, again face to face with the ears sandwiched in place and sew the two pieces together .

Follow the instructions for stuffing and hemming the teddy bear neck and body opening. Stuff the head , body and legs. Sew the gap in the legs after stuffing. 

 Sew the head onto the body , follow the instructions for more details.
Stuff the arms, and again sew up the gap. Attach the arms onto the body using buttons as an anchor 

 Sew buttons on for eyes, and use a piece of velvet or felt to create his nose, for this bear we used a bit of old denim as it suited the fabric

This bear was made for my little boy Oisin. He had a favourite shirt that he had grown out of, so we cut up the shirt to make the bear. For a bit of fun, I keft the colar and buttons off the front of the shirt. I made the colar smaller by cutting it at the back and rejoining it to the right size. Then I stitched the row of buttons down the front of the bear and buttoned the collar up around his neck. There was also a label on the shirt so I fussy cut that for the sole of one of his feet. 

You could add a ribbon or a kerchief or neck tie to your bear. Hva efun, I hope this helps with the pattern...BE-ARWARE, teddy bear making is addictive. 

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